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Making the conscious decision to start a new business is a big and wonderful first achievement! Be sure you have the professional guidance you need to steer you in the right direction to achieving your professional and financial goals.

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Consultation Session

Got a great idea, but not sure how to implement it to make a living off of it?

Our consultation sessions will help you refine your ideas and are completely confidential.

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Business Plan

Our business plans are complete with a SWOT Analysis and are completed after having conducted thorough market research to identify our clients’ target demographic, product and/or service price points in order to determine the business’s ROI.

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Social Media

We live in a digital age where a clients’ target demographic can be globalized with endless business financial potential by having a strong and professional social media presence.

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BOSS CIRCLE Business Community

"Join the “Boss Circle” Business Community where we talk business and talk ideas!

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I’m an Illinois Business Development Center trained Business Consultant, with provided services focusing on Business Development, Marketing and International Trade, and providing business consultancy services to my clients all over the world; spanning from the US, to Italy to Japan, to Pakistan, etc., is a huge part of what I do (outside of the 10 projects and businesses that I currently own).


Over the past 2 years, the need for my professional services drastically increased, and I proudly supported the start-ups and modification of projects and businesses worldwide in industries ranging from cosmetics, to education, childcare, e-commerce, publishing, NGOs, broadcast networks, motivational speakers, the sports industry; F&B, events, network distributors, the restaurant industry, business networks, and more; to help them create businesses and/or adjust to the new normal.


One thing that has been evident to me over the past 10+ years of being a Business Consultant is that all it takes is the right conversation to spark a series of events that truly leads to the business you desire. When you talk business, you want to leave the conversation with a basket full of fruits. I spend AT LEAST 5hours a day talking business, ideas and strategy; which is what prompted me to start the “Boss Circle”.


So wherever you are in the world, head on over to my “Boss Circle” Facebook Community and join, to Talk Business, Talk Ideas and Talk Strategy.


I always have fun talking business and spreading gems, so why not do it altogether and create a prosperous environment?"


~ alina

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