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Alina's Events

Alina is always happy to put her public speaking and networking skills to good use by making public appearances at events and private functions. 

In addition to the above, Alina provides MC/Hosting services, guest interview services and often judges at fashion events, pageants and competitions.

Click Here for more information on Alina's current projects and companies.


TB Survival Story with Dami Sarumi

"After an eventful day of hosting, I headed over to @Foundry to conduct an exclusive interview at the special request of an international guest who had flown in from London.

It takes extreme strength and courage to tell your story.

I am honored and humbled to have been selected to interview you on your inspirational story. I look forward to completing this Vodcast series and to sharing your story with the world.

Dami Sarumi speaks about about his personal experience with systematic racism, and on how he escaped a near death experience and survived TB."

Dami Sarumi


Vodcast Sponsor: @FoundryDowntown


Production by @ALITIPT

📹BTS: @Eliwo96





African Embassy and Consulate Luncheon


The African Food & Culture Festival 

and The Titans of Africa

"I am extremely proud to be one of the Ambassadors for the Titans of Africa


As someone of African descent, who was neither born there nor have ever lived there, my African culture STILL runs deep through my veins, and that African pride contributes to a large part of who I am today, and why I still do my best to give back.


As an Ambassador to The Titans of Africa, it will be my mission to ensure that people of African descent, like me, who live across the world and who hold Africa dearly in their hearts and have contributed to the growth of their African communities or have uplifted the nation or Black people as a whole, and have paved the way for future generations in various industries are recognized and are given their flowers while they are still here.

The Titans of Africa 1st Edition Coffee Table Book will be their legacy.

The prestigious book will be distributed to Ministries across Dubai and the UAE, Luxury Hotels, Dubai EXPO 2020's pavilions, Business Councils and to the decision makers and investors of Dubai, and the rest of the UAE; giving you that exposure you duly and truly deserve.

Feel free to contact me directly to be a part of the Titans of Africa via: [email protected]"


The Titans of Africa is brought to you by:

The UAE Africa Networking Group


and DCOM Design Co

and in coordination with The Dubai EXPO2020

My company, ALITI Productions & Talent Agency (USA | UAE), is proud to be a sponsor of The Titans of Africa 



Outfit: ALITI Fashions


SHE Awards & The World Health Awards

Event MC & "Top Ladies in Business" Award Winner

"...and the award goes to...


"Top Ladies in Business" Award


SHE Awards & World Health Awards



Event MC and Award Winner (Thank you to Ladies in Business Magazine Global )


Hosted by @LuxurywithLara @ImadHawari @leenagauba @StLouisBertrand and myself (@alinaliwo)


Production by @alitipt!"



1st Event Highlight 

(4 events conducted in total)

"I know how to have a little fun as well :P

I was asked to be the official host of the weekly Pass The Mic ! Dubai and UAE Talent Showcasing event. 

Boy, did we have a lot of fun!"

~ alina

OjaMEA "Finest"

Food Tasting Event

OjaMEA’s “Finest” line of products has been specifically created to provide all you lovers of Africa with high-quality products that are yummy or just simply amazing!


I had the pleasure of being invited to their exclusive VIP Food Tasting Event, and will personally be ordering A LOT of the products that were at the event from"

~ alina

FILM SCREENING: The Delivery Boy

I was pleased to be the event MC for the film screening of The Delivery Boy.



by Award Winning Film Director

Adekunle "Nodash" Adejuyigbe




Production by ALITI Production & Talent Agency (USA UAE), and event hosted by myself, Alina Liwo



📷 @eliwo96

VIP Film Screening organized by UAE Africa Networking Group



Coffee Bar powered by COFFEE REFINERY



Event location at Crab Market, Emirates Towers, Dubai - UAE



Find out more at"



Webinar 1: Event Highlight

"I was pleased to be the moderator for the live webinar for the Countdown to the Start of AfCFTA held at KIZA Restaurant & Lounge in Dubai, UAE.

ALITI P&T partnered with @UAE_Africa_Network and AfCFTA Policy Network for the live webinar event that took place at KIZA Restaurant & Lounge, where we spoke with Mr. Louis Yaw Afful and Mr. Emmanuel Bensah from the AfCFTA Policy Network


The focus of the webinar was to find out how the new African Continental Trade Area Agreement would affect intra-African Trade, international trade with Africa, and how AfCFTA's new policies plan to support investors and the African entrepreneurs and SMEs of tomorrow.


Find out more at"




"My favorite things about Africa Avenue were the bright colors, the fun and loving energy to match, and of course the AfroChic fashion and accessories. 

We had the pleasure of covering AFRICA AVENUE for our new ALITI P&T #DUBAIISOPEN program, in partnership with the UAE Africa Networking Group."

Interview with Anissa

AFRICA AVENUE Curator and designer of Ashante Design.

Interview with Thaimi

AFRICA AVENUE Curator and designer of Luxethnik

Book Signing Event by 

Ladies in Business Magazine Global

"I was pleased to provide production services to the Ladies in Business Magazine Global for their book signing event, held at KIZA Dubai via ALITI P&T.

In addition to the services mentioned above, I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing an extraordinary network of business professionals here in Dubai.

Interview with Mr. Joe Osawaye

Joe Osawaye, the CEO Managing Partner of KIZA.

Interview with Mr. William T. Stenhouse

William T. Stenhouse, the Founder and CEO of UAE Africa Networking Group, and the CEO of STENHOUSE and ASSOCIATES.

Interview with Naziah Shah

Naziah Shah, Managing Director of Zoha International Events.